vrijdag 24 september 2010

little impression of big changes - in English!

Usually expressing in the morning at work takes place in the designated room at the department. However, it's very cold in there, not exactly promoting easy letdown, and quite barren and austere (I suspect employers, though required by law to provide a suitable room with a lock and a fridge don't want to make the facilities for expressing too cosy...),  so today I went to our lab. Do-not-disturb-post-it on the door et voila. Added bonus is the pc here that I can use (one handedly, so not very well) while i'm using the breast pump (too much information?), giving me the chance to catch up with the blog.
Well, and the news is that Aoife these days is showing clear signs of volition. That's right, she has free will and she's not afraid to use it! She wants to grasp things continually:
And instead of sleeping until 10-ish in the mornings after her breakfast, she's now wide awake:
(oops, a cleaner just burst in.. I guess my post-it is not such a fool proof method after all...) Anyway... Her motor control is getting better too, she now can play while on her tummy, for a little while at least, but holding stuff and moving around (in circles) a little bit, she can sit up almost unaided and she likes to be high up:
In general she likes to be part of the action, and seems reluctant to miss out on anything. It is not uncommon for her to be awake a lot, but that's usually in good spirits. However, yesterday she just refused to be put into her cot or in the pen, she just wanted to be held and carried around preferably watching television, while at the same time showing clear signs of fatigue. 
yes, at five months, she's already becoming a big girl!

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